Bright Memory Review: Xbox Series X – Is It Worth Getting

Bright Memory is my first RTX game. And oh, what a choice I made recently delivered out of early access after a little over a year. Bright Memory is kind of a mess, an extremely beautiful mess that I have mixed feelings on.

As a critic, it is slightly repulsive on a few points. But as a gamer, how well it is just dumb fun. I almost enjoy it the same way. I love watching bad films. So, I am going to cover all of it. Let us do this.

Right away. Let us get it out of the way, how much chaos is in bright memory. The interface is cluttered, and the dialogue does not make any sense. I think it is a language thing. And I cannot believe these are the enemies in the game.

I am not sure the game is serious. Or if it is a joke, or if it knows it should not be taken seriously. I am kind of and everything is serious person. But there is something about playing bright memory that makes you wonder if the developer knows what they have done.

It is uh, hey, look how silly we are being right now. Feeling I have which makes the game more endearing than it should be. It is the moment when you are lighting a bonfire that is ripped straight out of Dark Souls, when you start to wonder if the developer is in on it.

At the full price point it is a little much. Now buying into this version does get you the later version with the secondary title infinite. However, who knows when that is going to be finished. So, you must be feeling a little charitable when you purchase bright memory.

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Next, the parts of Bright Memory I enjoyed. To start it looks fantastic. RTX does add to the visuals in a meaningful way. Is it worth the price of the video card? Probably not. But if graphics are your number one top priority when selecting game to play, and you have the correct video card, then bright memory will do.

The lighting is fantastic. And on some level, I enjoyed playing for the visuals, which is rare for me. Remember the first time you want something in High Definition versus standard definition on TV. It is a little like that, but not as dramatic.

You run through this bizarre world filled with eclectic enemies and a few puzzles. The game rates you on the combat Devil May Cry style and it is okay. It does not feel that relatable and the scores do not seem to impact anything so pretty much ignored it.

You bounced between shooting the enemies waiting for your EMP to charge so you can use it to make the enemies float. Then you can use your light blade scale to slash them. All of these are on a cool down and your guns are worthless. You are going to be emptying clips into the enemies for what seems like days. The melee skill is only usable when the timer is active and it is quick.

So, it is a little hacking and slashing that is useful, and then some shooting to pass the time. I do not understand limiting the players so much with what seems like basic skills. I want to be more active and make my own decisions with how I want the fight to go. While the combat is still fun and the best part of Bright Memory, it could use a few tweaks to make it even better.

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A side note mixing the EP for the EMP skill and using the same E key for interacting with stuff in the game is a must take. There are plenty of keys on a keyboard to not mix them up. Sometimes I use the EMP skill when I am trying to use a lever and it is annoying.