Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play on PC

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play on PC yet another Subscription service run with a very different publisher at no additional Price.


Beginning anyone using the PC Edition of Xbox Game Pass which now costs $4.99 a month or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that will be $14.99 a month will even have the ability to log in the service which was previously referred to as EA Access and Origin Access.

EA Play Prices $4.99 a month on Games Console and based on the number of matches you need access to either $4.99 or $14.99 a month on PC in summary that is a great deal of value.


Microsoft verified that Game Pass Ultimate and PC readers will get access to over 60 of EA greatest and greatest Games and PC Games such as Need for Speed Heat and FIFA 20.


Should you require a refresher Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now comprises: the games console and PC versions of this Subscription service that can be similar but have slightly different libraries including Xbox Live Gold yet another Subscription necessary to play console games on the Internet. xCloud Game Streaming along with the simple model of EA Play.

Phew! Sure, the business would like to market consoles, but it is clear that the organization is reshaping its whole business model around Subscriptions that is why each Xbox Game Studio name is released instantly on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Microsoft has provided numerous bargains like one month for $1 to lure people into believing it.