14 Best Free Cloud Storage Services

We will be counting down our 14 Best Free Cloud Storage Services, Providers Favorites and we might have a few surprises for you. If you are looking for Free Cloud Storage offering the most space for your photos, videos, or any other type of data we have you covered.

Free Cloud Storage Services

We will show you 14 Best Free Cloud Storage Services in order beginning with those offering the least free storage and ending with those offering the most going over the Pros and Cons of each.

1. OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is probably going to be the most familiar name on this list since it comes prepackaged with Windows 10. OneDrive is not the best at anything but it is our favorite of the Big Three it beats out Google Drive and Dropbox by having a better web app. It also lets you scan documents in color and share them with people who do not have a Microsoft account.

Another nice thing about OneDrive is something called block level copying. Though you can only do this with Microsoft Office documents. block level copying means you can change a synced file without the entire file being re uploaded again that lets you sync in something close to real time.

Obviously, it integrates super well with Microsoft Office Online. And if you are using it already, then having OneDrive in your shortlist of cloud storage services does make a lot of sense. Overall, we think there are better services for file sync and sharing especially if you are handling bigger files.


  • 5 GB of Free Cloud Storage.
  • Save notebooks on OneDrive.
  • Auto camera backup.
  • Simultaneous editing of Office Docs online.


  • Comes with Win10.
  • Solid Web App and Integrates with Office.


  • Bit Slow.
  • Part of The Microsoft Ecosystem.
  • No Zero Knowledge.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive total storage is 15 GB free which is shared between Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. It is great for file sharing and collaboration allowing files to be accessed by multiple people at the same time and can be used on all the major platforms In a weird move If you stick with the free plan the Name of the service is Google Drive. But if you upgrade to one of their paid plans the name of the service changes to Google one. It is essentially the same service with more features.


  • 15 GB of Free Cloud Storage.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office, Adobe and 100 file types.
  • Includes Docs, Sheets, Slides, Cloud Support applications.
  • Search Technology and Google AI.
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3. Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive

If you are an Amazon Prime member you get unlimited photo storage and full resolution plus 5 GB of video storage for free with Amazon Drive. If you are not a member of Amazon Prime you can still get up to 5 GB of photo and video storage for free.


  • 5 GB of Free Storage.
  • Various popular language support.
  • Unlimited photo storage for Amazon Prints main members.

4. Degoo


Offering the largest amount of Free Cloud Storage is Degoo Based in Sweden they offer a massive 100 GB blowing away the others mentioned there are limitations including a 512MB Upload file size limit and files can only be uploaded from up to 3 devices. On the other side there is no limit for downloading or viewing of any files and offers end to end encryption. With their free plan Degoo is ad supported and you do have to log in once every 90 days to keep your free account active.


  • 100 GB of Free Cloud Storage.
  • Uploaded from up to 3 devices.
  • You must log in once every 90 days to stay active.

5. pCloud


pCloud is one of our favorite Cloud Storage apps for file sharing. If you have someone’s email address you can share files and folders with them and change their edit privileges easily. You can also keep track of all your different shares so you do not get your wires crossed.

You can share files with people even if they do not have a pCloud account. And with file requests they can also upload files into shared folders which makes it useful for say collecting photos from a party or a wedding from all the participants.

We also want to talk about their free plan which gives you 10 GB of free storage that is one of the most generous offers there is only Google Drive gives you more without any real strings attached. Just like ice drive. The only thing keeping pCloud from the number one spot is that once you have shared a file with someone else you cannot apply zero knowledge encryption to it anymore.


  • 10 GB of Free Cloud Storage.
  • Unlimited file size, upload and download speeds.


  • Great Free Plan and Security.
  • Integrated Media Player.


  • Zero Knowledge Costs Extra.
  • No Document Integration.

6. Sync


Sync it is the only service that beats out pcloud for file sharing sins lets you keep files encrypted when you share them only you and the recipients you choose can ever read them. It is truly zero knowledge security; you can even wipe a file remotely after somebody else has downloaded it that is unbelievably rare.

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  • 5 GB of Free Cloud Storage.
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • Files can be accessed from anywhere.

Pros: Great Free Plan and Excellent Security.


  • Only Annually Plans.
  • Interface Is A Bit Rough.
  • Speeds Can Be Slow.

7. Icedrive


Icedrive is new to the cloud storage landscape but it has made a fantastic first impression It was founded last year and it has been offering 10 GB of Cloud Storage space for free since then.

It is also heavily focused on security we started offers zero knowledge encryption so the only person who can read your files is you. zero knowledge encryption is also baked in which means you do not have to purchase any add owns or additional costs on top of your plan.

Icedrive never completely downloads files to your computer which means it is basically drag it. it is not drag on your hard drive If it is slow and its user interface is fantastic. Whether you are on desktop mobile or the web app the designers were clearly thinking of cloud storage newbies when they built it.


  • 10 GB of Free Cloud Storage.
  • Great Privacy Policy.
  • Security Is Top Notch with High Level Encryption.

Pros: Zero-Knowledge and Great Interface.


  • Few Collaborations Option.
  • No Chat Supports.
  • No Block-Level Sync.

8. Tresorit


Tresorit is our favorite cloud storage service for businesses. It has zero knowledge encryption that grants you total privacy. It also offers unlimited versioning which gives you a huge range of backups to choose from if your data gets corrupted or seasoned a ransomware attack.

And there is a beautiful user interface that makes great use of negative space. It is an excellent app overall but we named it only best for business because of the cost it is high compared to most consumer focus services.


  • 5 GB of Free Cloud Storage.
  • Excellent Security and Great Interface.
  • Good Sharing Options.
  • High Price and Complex.

9. IDrive


IDrive supports an unlimited number of devices and is feature packed and lets your backup multiple devices with just one account and includes continuous file sinking While does support end to end encryption. One downside is that Two-factor authentication is not supported at this time.


  • 5 GB of Free Cloud Storage.
  • Support for unlimited devices.
  • Multiple devices with just one account.

10. MediaFire


MediaFire doubles the amount of free storage to 10 GB This can be increased up to 50 GB with bonuses for referring friends and downloading apps. While they do make it easy to share your files with no limits on downloads there is an upload limit of 4 GB per file which might be an issue for those of you with large video files.

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  • 10 GB of Free Cloud Storage.
  • Easy file sharing.
  • Easy to manage and many uploads at once.

11. Box Cloud Storage


box.com is another popular Cloud Storage Service that has been around for more than a decade with 10 GB of free online storage. They are known for having great security but the ability to access just about any file type anywhere on just about any device. Box free individual plan box limits you to a paltry 250 MB file upload limit.


  • 10 GB of Free Cloud Storage.
  • Upload limit is 250 MB.
  • Integrated desktop and customer support.

12. MiMedia


MiMedia is another one to consider but 10 GB of Free Cloud Storage While the file size limit is 5 GB their upload speeds are quite fast. Just like most of the other services mentioned apps are available for the most popular devices to upload or access your files at any time.


  • 10 GB of Free Cloud Storage.
  • Upload is very fast.
  • File size limit is 5GB.

13. iCloud

Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud is geared only towards those that own Apple devices. If you have an apple id you get 5 GB Free Cloud Storage Otherwise you get 1 GB of free storage.


  • 5GB of Free Cloud Storage.
  • Available wherever you are.
  • Provides Security for photos and files.

14. MEGA

MEGA Cloud Storage

MEGA Cloud Storage disappointing marketing tactics they will tell you we create a mega account you will get 50 GB of free storage turns out just a bait and switch. The 50 GB is only available for the first 30 days after which you will be left with the base of 15 GB. 15GB Not bad but very misleading When you think you are signing up get 50 GB.


  • 15 GB of Free Cloud Storage.
  • 50GB is only available for the first 30 days.