Pac-Man Geo Game From Bandai Namco Is Now Available

Many developers have been trying to replicate the accomplishment of Niantic’s Pokémon GO with clones offering similar gameplay, so it’s easy to jump to conclusions when new augmented reality titles are shown. Surprisingly Bandai Namco has produce a distinctive ways to utilize AR, therefore Pac-Man Geo is a game where players will create new mazes in the streets in their cities.

While there’s still a set facet from the title, seeing that high-scores will unlock collectible landmarks, even in the Centre Pac-Man gameplay has been kept. Pac-Man Geo is a fresh new pair on the Play Store and it’s readily available.

Pac-Man Geo

Considering that Pac-Man Geo only arrived on the Play Store specifics are still mild. Today’s PR hints that the game will arrive in that month and will come to 170 nations, despite the fact that there’s no wonder how the title will be monetized. I would imagine that the game will arrive as a free-to-play launching, but so far, there are not any indicators of those IAPs will cost.

What we do know is that players are going to have the ability to make unique mazes in the regional community streets while also competing for high scores in those mazes. It might seem everyone will be free to travel across the planet creating new courses to perform with, which will allow specific areas to create reservations for offering enjoyable challenges.

For a fan of the very first Pac-Man, I want to state this is the first augmented reality name to pique my focus. I really could see myself leaving the house to undertake a few player-made classes as there’s a real match encouraging the goofy collection items where player ability should ideally matter, that clarifies why the reason I am very happy to hear there will be leaderboards.