How to Install Google Duo on Android TV (Find Out If It Works)

We will explain You How to Install Google Duo on Android TV and Does Google Duo Work on Android TV Find out. Google announced that they will be releasing the Duo App for Android TV platform so that the users can do video call directly from the TV using a Webcam. Now that the App is officially released.

Install Google Duo on Android TV

The first requirement for it to work is that the TV remote should have Inbuilt Mic that’s generally used for the Voices System. The other thing you need is obviously a Webcam. Connected to the USB Port of your TV and you’re Good to Go.

Install Google Duo on Android TV

Once you have the Required Hardware, go to the Google Play Store on your TV and search for Google to Click on Google Duo App from the Search Results and Install It.

Right now, we do not have a direct open option for the Duo App. Nor is it listed in the app drawer. We have to go into the list of Apps in the settings and scroll to the System Apps to open it. This is a lengthy process to follow every time. So, the Next Step is to make it easier.

Google Duo Android TV - ATV Launcher

Go to Play Store and Install any Third-Party App like ATV Launcher or Sideload Launcher. We used ATV Launcher. Once installed open the App and you will find the Google Duo App listed for easy and fast access.

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So, this is how the Interface of the Duo App looks like he directly connects with the Google Account used in the TV by default. The left side has contacts and the right side shows the view from Webcam.

This is search option on the top of the context where you can search your context by the number or name to quickly make a Video or Voice Call. Once you select a contact, it gives you an option to start a Video Call or simple Voice Call. You can also see the history of calls and under the particular contact.

Google Duo Android TV - Account Details

Google Duo in the Settings have Account Details. Basically, the Google Account and the Phone Numbers that’s linked with it. Make sure to keep the reachable with email address turned on. If you want to log in with a different Google Account, you need to sign out and add your Google Account to the TV Settings and log in again in to do to get the option of secondary email.

Google Duo Android TV - Incoming Call

For Receiving Calls from Google Duo directly on the TV the App needs to be opened and it shows the Incoming Call Details. The Video from the other side is shown in Full Screen if they rotate their Phone in Landscape.