How to Disable YouTube Shorts on Android or iPhone (Permanently)

Following the new update on YouTube the trending page on YouTube is showing us above and after YouTube latest update the Shorts feature Explore seems to be in place Now how can we Disable Permanently this Setting on Your Android or iPhone. The following Methods to do this.

Disable YouTube Shorts - App Info

Step 1: First of all, we have to go to the YouTube application. But we do not have to open the YouTube App. We have to tap and hold on the YouTube Application for about 2-4 seconds As soon as we do After this, you will see the option of App Info. Then you have to click on App Info After clicking.

Disable YouTube Shorts - 2 Dots Click On It

Step 2: Now you will see the option of 2 Dots, you have to Click On It.

Disable YouTube Shorts - Uninstall Subtitles

Step 3: After clicking, you will see the option of Uninstall Subtitles. You have to click on it.

Disable YouTube Shorts - Data

Step 4: Clicking on it will tell you that it can affect YouTube Data. But this will not affect any of your important Data there will be changes in just a few settings. So now you have to do OK.

Step 5: All new Apps of the App will be uninstalled as soon as you are done. After uninstalling, when you open the YouTube application. Then you will find that Explore feature will return to its old place and YouTube Shorts will be Disable, Removed from YouTube for Permanently.