Apple Has Now Launched an Online Store in India

Apple has now Launched an Online Store in India and further along this line we have Apple attempting to progress their world dominance by encouraging India customers to purchase Apple products which believe it or not they haven’t done very successfully up until this point 99% of the Smartphone Market in India is Android 99.99 that’s a considerable percentage.


Honest and the Price point hasn’t helped in fact in many cases we’ve got a heftier price tag in India once converted right than we do here or in us and of course that’s tough in that market right the actual real cost in that market relative to wages and things like this the apple stuff is just out of reach for a lot of people it’s a real luxury item for a lot of people.

Anyway, Apple’s looking to change that you know they’re doing more assembly there which is helping them to avoid some of those Taxes Fees tariffs whatever you want to call it and bring that price down a little bit, of course they’re also just launching products at a lower Price point like that recent iPhone SE which is an aggressive price point for Apple.

It’s still tough it’s going to be tough to get people to switch platforms and like fully embrace the ecosystem it’s the opposite of what happened in North America where they were the first significant Smartphone Player and everybody came up on that platform and then some people switched to android because of aggressive Pricing and other factors.

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The starting Price of an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max at the moment is almost 1500$ in India compared to 1099$ Air Pods pro 249$ in us currently 341$ equivalent in India. They’re even more luxury in India because just the conversion Price currently lifts that price even further well there’s your problem it’s your it’s a problem but bringing Foxconn assembly to the country is immediately going to drop some of that immediately.


And then now on September 23rd Apple going to be Launched their Online Store India which it’s kind of hard to imagine they did not have an actual presence their presence in India it was up until this point it had to be a reseller is that wild there was you could you were not buying directly from apple and that means you weren’t able to get the Apple Care Plus extended warranties and it also means you couldn’t take advantage of apple’s financing products which for a luxury item or an expensive device could be meaningful to a customer base that wants to pay off over time if they do I don’t know.


The company which currently relies on third-party online and offline retailers to sell his products in India said its online store would offer AppleCare Plus which extends a warranty on his hardware products for up to two years and it will also give you a discount on the purchase of a new iPhone by returning the previous model they have that program as well.


People can in India now buy Mac Computers with custom configurations you couldn’t do that obviously before if you’re going through third-party retailers and all the Apple Accessories and things that may not have been offered through third-party sellers they’re going to pop up on the site as well now that you can buy directly.

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Once again here we go Android Smartphones of the Market and the iPhone maker has become visibly more aggressive in India in recent years I mean yeah you have to be I’ve talked about this before that’s the whole that’s the new Marketplace that’s the fastest-growing currently second-biggest Smartphone Market but fastest-growing I mean that’s whether we’re talking population or smartphones.

It’s a huge Market and if you don’t get in there at some point and become aggressive there at some point there’s a chance everybody gets cool with Android and they’re like this is my platform and the longer you wait the more comfortable they become right even though Apple has done a great job of being this established or this luxury this sort of target brand.